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How To Get Your Business Exposed “In Your Face” On High Traffic Volume Routes

Street Pole Ads are one of the most effective high exposure forms of advertising around.

​You can now choose what will work best for your advertising campaign. 

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Street Pole Ads (SPAs) are an extremely cost-effective and high exposure form of advertising.


Street pole ads have the highest recall of any outdoor advertising medium, ensuring that more people will remember your brand from a Street Pole Ad than any other type of outdoor media.


Planning outdoor campaigns can be incredibly time consuming and complicated.  We take on this role of the marketing manager or business owner which frees them up to focus on other duties with a clear mind.


We offer our clients better rates on billboards as we have strong relationships with all the media owners.


Regular updating of available sites.  Sourcing availability on all boards can take days or even weeks for the client to obtain within their areas.


Click Certain consists of a dedicated team that is regularly updated on their colleague’s campaigns which ensures that our client’s needs are met if their specific account manager is not available.  We pride ourselves on the service rendered to all our clients and have a history of maintaining great relationships. 


Click Certain is experienced within the industry and can advise on sites that are best suited for the client’s needs.  We’re also well versed in the advertising industry as a whole which allows us to advise clients on other mediums as an added benefit.

Repetitive Advertising

Statistics have shown that repetitive marketing is the most effective way of gaining a response from your campaign. This should reach one person 7 times before the message is completely received and reacted upon.


Better visibility within a community or area as billboards are huge and will guarantee an audience.

Customised Placements

Clients can position advertising to suit their specific area to create the most impact – Your billboard may also be used to direct customers to your business.

Street Pole Ads Pretoria west

There are several forms of outdoor advertising and street pole advertising in Pretoria West has the highest recall. To you this means your brand and message will be remembered. The effectiveness is due to the high volume of repetitiveness street pole ads provide.

Just think back to when you last drove along a busy road.

Street pole ads cannot be switched off, turned down or skipped and are live 24 hours per day. With the high volume of daily commuters along these busy roads your business will be seen and remembered.


Street Pole Ads Pretoria West- Outdoor advertising unlike television, radio and print ads you can’t get away from. Your prospects drive these roads every day, 5 days per week. It is impossible to miss the ads and the daily exposure sticks with the prospect.

All commuters in Pretoria are not your customers, and most will never be. But the purpose of your campaign is not to find the prospects who are not interested in your product or service, you want those who are interested and are planning to buy.

When they do make the decision to buy you want them to only remember you.

One of the most important benefits of roadside advertising, and especially street pole ads, is the repetitiveness of the ads. By continually be front of mind with your prospect you can imprint your brand and positioning in the market.

Outdoor advertising Pretoria West has many different options you can choose from.

Static flex-face and vinyl billboards Landscape and Portrait billboards Supersized billboards Electronic billboards Tri-vision billboards Street Pole Advertising Packages (larger formats) Painted Murals Gantries, which span across the road.

Smaller types of roadside advertising options include ‘street furniture’ such as:

Bin branding Branding of Bus Shelters Street Pole Advertising (smaller formats such as A1 posters) Pavelites / directional signage advertising.


Supalites are large, illuminated 8m2 signs that are able to deliver high impact outdoor branding campaigns. Supalites are approximately three meters above the ground, ensuring high impact and visibility in Pretoria west.


This format of outdoor advertising offers high impact awareness in certain areas. With these strategically placed advertising space your brand is actively promoted and highly visible to all commuter traffic passing by.

Maxi Posters

These posters are available on the M1 and M2 highways and off-ramps in johannesburg. The posters are booked in sets of five (2.5m x 1.25m). You can use these is many ways but mostly they are used to tell a story or advertise 5 different products. These are high impact brand awareness advertising.

Mini Posters

Mini Posters (1,8m x 1,25m) are sold in sets of four consecutive posters located on the M1 highway on and off ramp lamp posts.

These cost-effective posters are great for directional use or creating impact by repetition on more than one on both sides of the off ramp.

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